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Lead Edge Design Group serves our clients as a trusted advisor. Our partnership will get you development options you will get nowhere else that encompass engineering and planning expertise, airport management, economic impact, and most of all common sense.


This is about YOU, and Lead Edge Design Group will be the best airport consultant hire you ever made.


You have a general aviation airport. Maybe it has 150 based aircraft maybe it has 15. Your task is still the same. You must meet complex requirements and avoid embarrassing missteps in both infrastructure and facility management. You have expectations from FAA, tenants, and local citizens. Unlike any other facility in your community, your airport can be an economic engine with a positive community presence, or an enigma represented by dusty planning documents never implemented.


Rolls of engineering drawings do not make your airport thrive. In fact, they have no value if they never get constructed. Even if constructed the wrong project can deplete time, energy and resources which is more harmful than doing no project at all. You need more than technical advice. Propel your airport to the outcomes you need with unique options, guidance, and protection from your trusted advisor Lead Edge Design Group.  

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