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Airport Dogs have always been a part of the aviation experience, starting with the black lab seen in the photos of the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk. Honoring the history of the connection between dogs, people and planes, Lead Edge Design Group proudly makes donations to local Animal Shelters and Humane Societies in the communities where we work. We are honored to contribute to the great work of these organizations on behalf of the spirit and memory of Airport Dogs.

We salute the following Airport Dogs (and cats) supporting our airports and airport people in Georgia: Angel, Bailey, Bandit, Baxter, Bella, Bentley, Beth, Binks, Blaze, Bruno, Buttons, Cannoli, Carter, Cassy, Charlie, Charlotte, Chica, Chip, Chirps, Chloe, Clyde, Cody, Cruella, Cruise, Dexter, Dixie, Doc, Ellie May, Emmy, Elvis, Fancy, Foxy, Francis, George, Haley, Hank, Harrison, Harley, Ike, Jem, Jewels, Jimmy, Killian Red, Kitty, Kookie, Leo, Levana, Lily, Lodi, Lola River, Louie, Lucy, Luca, Luna, Maggie, Marley, Meatball, Moose, Mr. Sir, Nala, Neptune, Nikki, Peaches, Penelope, Penny, Pepper, Pooh, Remi, Remy, Ripp, Rue, Rylie, Rooter, Rusty, Samford, Sammie, Sandy, Shayna, Snacks, Sophie, Sullivan, Sully, Tag, Tango, Theo, Thor, Toad, Trixie, Trouble, Voxi, Willie, Windsor, Winnie, Zeek, and Zombie.

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